Joint Pain
& Stiffness

Osteopathy for Joint Pain & Stiffness

Joint pain and stiffness can occur at any stage of life however it tends to get worse the older you get.  This condition can be extremely debilitating and can seriously affect your quality of life by restricting the things that you do and the places that you go.

What causes it?

There are many reasons that our joints may become stiff and painful.  The most common reason for age-related joint pain and stiffness is arthritis – a condition which affects the cartilage in our joints.

Non age-related chronic or persistent pain and stiffness however may have a number of causes which are unrelated to any damage to the underlying tissues.  These causes include stress, poor mental health, poor sleep health, poor movement health, poor diet etc.

How can we help?

Arthritis cannot be cured or reversed however our osteopaths can help you manage the condition. With their techniques of articulation, mobilisation and massage – along with their exercise advice – our expert osteopaths can help to reduce your pain and stiffness and slow down the degenerative process in your joints.

As regards non age-related chronic or persistent pain, our osteopaths are on-hand to guide and advise you to regain confidence in your movement to help you out of pain.  Chronic pain is a very individual and personal experience and our advice is therefore tailored to you according to your own expectations and requirements.

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