All Types Of Payment Accepted

We accept contactless payments from most major credit and debit cards as well as digital payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  We also accept cash but contactless payments are preferable.


If you’ve not been to the clinic before, you should book a New Patient Consultation. If you have been to the clinic before but are coming in with a new or different problem then you may also want to book in a for a New Patient Consultation to allow more time for your initial visit. 

New Patient Consultation
45 mins – £65
Return consultation
30 mins – £55
Pre-consultation discovery call
(if required*) – 15 mins – FREE

Shockwave Therapy

If you’ve not had shockwave therapy at the clinic before, or are coming in with a new or different problem, then you should book in for an Initial Consultation to determine whether your condition is appropriate for a course of shockwave.

A course of shockwave therapy will usually involve four – six treatments in total.  Your osteopath will advise you at your initial consultation how many treatments they recommend you have and which type of shockwave therapy they recommend.

Initial Consultation
50 mins – £70

Radial Shockwave treatment
30 mins – £70

Focussed Shockwave treatment
30 mins – £90

Podiatry (Chiropody)

All Podiatry/chiropody consultations are 30 minutes in duration, irrespective of whether you’re a new patient to the clinic or you have visited us before.

Podiatry/chiropody consultation
30 mins – £32

Massage Therapy

If you’ve not seen the massage therapist at the clinic before then please allow 10-15 minutes extra at your initial visit in order for the therapist to discuss your treatment plan with you.  If booking online then please select the ‘New Client’ option. 

Therapeutic Massage
30 mins – £35 | 45 mins – £45 | 60 mins – £55 | 90 mins – £70

Sports Massage
30 mins – £40 | 45 mins – £50 | 60 mins – £60

Hot Stone Massage
45 mins – £50 | 60 mins – £60

Indian Head Massage
45 mins – £45

Want a chat to see how we could help?

Book a 15-minute FREE discovery call 

If you are unsure which type of treatment would best suit you (osteopathy or shockwave for example) or you would simply like to speak to an expert prior to committing to a consultation, then why not book in for a FREE 15-minute discovery call where you can discuss your problem with one of our osteopaths.