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Osteopathy, Shockwave & Massage Therapy Chatteris, Fenland

We are a long-established and reputable clinic and have been successfully treating the residents of Chatteris and the surrounding Fenland community for over 20 years. 

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that being flexible, mobile and active leads to improved health and a better quality of life.  Our goal is to help our patients achieve this without the need for invasive interventions such as drugs or surgery.

Meet Our Highly Skilled Practitioners

Our highly-skilled and dedicated practitioners are not only experts in their field but are very passionate about what they do and are dedicated to getting you out of pain and back to life.

Lee Harvey

 Clinic Director and Principal Osteopath

Registered Osteopath | LLB ACA M.Ost

Lee is a registered osteopath, obtaining his Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine at the British School of Osteopathy in 2010.

Lee is the principal osteopath and shockwave therapist at the clinic and treats a variety of injuries and problems in people of all ages.  He has a particular interest in treating sports-related injuries and uses a wide range of techniques in his treatment plans, including manipulation, acupuncture (‘dry needling’) and exercise therapy.

Lee believes that many people can benefit from osteopathy. In helping with their recovery from injury and alleviating their aches and pains, his aim is to restore health to his patients and enable them continue to do the things in life that they love.

Prior to studying osteopathy Lee trained and worked as a chartered accountant in London for over 10 years.  However, looking to change direction and following successful osteopathic treatments for various sports injuries, he decided to pursue a career in osteopathy.

Jenna Dockerill

Registered Osteopath | M.Ost

Jenna is a registered osteopath; she completed her Master’s degree in Osteopathic Medicine at Oxford Brookes University in 2013. Since finishing her degree she has completed postgraduate courses in Cranial Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture.

Jenna enjoys her work as an osteopath and the diversity of the conditions that she is able to treat. Her treatments consist of hands-on work with the aim of restoring the body’s natural balance and to facilitate repair, along with exercises to help patients manage and maintain their symptoms.

Jenna became interested in the mechanical adaptations the pregnant body undertakes. Which prompted research in her dissertation topic; the treatment of pregnancy related lower back pain. The knowledge that she gained from this research has influenced her clinical practice and aided her understanding in the complexities of the maternal body. Jenna also has a keen interest in the use of osteopathy for babies and young children.

Faustine Vincenti

Registered Osteopath | M.Ost

Faustine graduated with a masters degree in Osteopathy. She did further training in Western Acupuncture and fascial work. She is a Visceral Techniques teacher assistant at the European School of Osteopathy. She helps her patients back to health using a variety of techniques such as spinal manipulations, cranio-sacral and visceral techniques.

Faustine tailors her treatments to each patient’s needs and offers a holistic, caring and empowering approach to health. She treats patients from all ages and backgrounds, including women during and after their pregnancies, and babies. Faustine has a specific interests in women’s health and headaches.

Maud De-Jerphanion

Registered Osteopath | M.Ost

Maud is a registered osteopath  graduated with a Masters degree in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy.

Maud enjoys treating patients of all ages and is trained to treat wide range of problems from long standing issues to recent traumatic events. She is trained in both structural and cranial osteopathy, which allows her to tailor her treatment to patients’ need in order to get the best results.

She believes that a fundamental of osteopathy is to truly listen to patients to get an overall picture and identify any additional factor that could play a part in their problem and works holistically with patients to address the factors that may contribute to their pain.

She likes to include patients in their recovery by providing exercises and advises as well as collaborating with patients to find the best plan of action to bring them back to health.

Karen J Bays

Podiatrist/Chiropodist | FSSCh DipPodMed MBChA

Karen qualified as a Podiatrist/Chiropodist in 1991. She is a Registered Member of the Health and Care Professions Council and has, over the years, worked in Nursing Homes, Warden Controlled Housing, Prisons and provided a Home Visiting Service.

Karen can give advice on general foot care as well as treat and alleviate day to day foot problems such as corns and calluses, verrucae, athletes foot, thickened nails, fungal diseases, involuted and ingrown toenails.

Karen treats patients with any foot disorder or medical conditions which lead to foot problems, for example Diabetics. 

Karen can also advise on the use of Orthotic devices to assist with foot pain caused from conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Hallux Valgus (Bunion).

Amber Manfroi-Lynn

Massage therapist

Amber is a passionate massage therapist with a background in holistic health and personal training. Her love for massage has continued over the years because she enjoys working with a wide range of people.

Amber takes huge pride and satisfaction in her work, knowing that as well as helping to reduce pain and stress levels she is also able to help her clients in their journey to a healthier, happier life.

Amber has been a massage therapist for over 5 years now and has recently completed her level 5 in soft tissue therapy and sports massage, enabling her to help her clients from a more evidence-based perspective to facilitate a better and more rapid recovery.

Anaïs Haberstich

Massage therapist

After studying Swedish and sports massage in Canada in 2016 and working in spas there, Anaïs came to the UK to explore the world and expand her knowledge in different fields. Having now completed multiple government recognised formations in herbal medicine, she’s decided to come back to her first passion, massage therapy.

 Anaïs loves to work with a variety of people, and aims to address a wide array of issues, from stress relief to chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries. She believes the best thing about her job is the feedback she gets from the people she has helped! 

With a background in Arts and Theatre, she loves to get to know people, and really, what is massage but a unique way to get to know someone? 

Why Choose Chatteris Osteopaths?


Our osteopaths are all educated to masters degree level and are statutory-regulated, allied health professionals.


We are a long-established and reputable clinic, having successfully treated many thousands of satisfied patients.


Our treatment plans are bespoke and tailored to you – according to your own requirements and expectations.


Before committing to treatment, chat directly to one of our osteopaths to find out how we may be able to help you.

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