Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon

Osteopathy & Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendon Problems

Most Achilles tendon problems are caused by an Achilles tendinopathy, also known as Achilles Tendinosis or Achilles tendinitis.  This condition causes pain in the Achilles’ tendon – the large tendon which attaches the calf muscles into the heel.

What are the symptoms?

The predominate sign of Achilles tendinopathy is pain around the heel and lower calf area, either in the tendon itself or where the tendon inserts into the heel. There may also be swelling in the tendon and it is likely to be tender to touch.

You may feel weakness and instability in your ankle and/or foot when running and walking and you may also be experiencing pain in the sole of the foot (plantar fasciitis)

How is it caused?

The majority of Achilles’ tendon problems occur as a result of medium-to-long-term repetitive overstrain of the tendon. This typically occurs due to an increase or change in activity – or even a recent change of footwear. It is often predisposed by weakness further up the leg in the knees or hips, causing instability at the ankle joint.

Achilles problems are far less commonly caused by a one-off trauma or injury – generally as a result of the Achilles being put through excessive forces when running, jumping or landing – which can lead to an acute strain or even rupture of the tendon.

How can we treat it?

Most medium-to-long-term cases are generally best treated with a course of shockwave therapy to help regenerate the tendon, followed by a programme of exercise rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles of the foot, hip and lower leg.

The treatment for sudden-onset, traumatic injuries will very much depend on the extent of the injury sustained and we may need to refer for further investigations and scans prior to undergoing treatment.

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