Ankle Sprains

Osteopathy & Rehabilitation Therapy for Sprained Ankles

An ankle sprain is a relatively common injury and usually happens when the foot turns or collapes inwards – when jumping or stepping of a kerb for example – causing the ligaments on the outside of the ankle to sprain or tear.

A sprained ankle is likely to be painful and swollen and will often have bruising around the injured area.  The ankle is usually painful to bear weight on and – although even some non-weight-bearing movements can sometimes cause pain.

Keep going over on your ankle?

Although ankle sprains are often caused by a one-off event, they can sometimes start to become a frequent occurrence, particularly in those who have already ‘turned’ their ankles previously.

To some extent this is due to a weakening of the ankle caused by the previous injury, however the main reason that you keep going over on your ankle is more likely to be that it was not properly rehabilitated when you injured it.

If a sprained ankle is not correctly rehabilitated then you may lose your ‘proprioception’ – which basically means the balance and control of the ankle. Consequently you are more likely to keep going over on the ankle in the future.

How can we help?

A Range of Techniques

We work using hands-on manual techniques to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the ligaments around the ankle as well as to help with the ankle’s mobility. We can also employ a range of other techniques such as ultrasound therapy, kinesio taping and acupuncture to help manage pain levels and speed up recovery.

Rehabilitation Exercise Programme

You will also be advised on exercises, stretches, icing etc. to help facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation of your ankle.

Serious Injuries

For serious ankle ligament injuries – such as tears or ruptures – we may need to refer you for further tests in order to ascertain the level of damage and communicate with a specialist to determine the prognosis and optimal treatment plan.

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