Cellulite Reduction Therapy

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Acoustic wave therapy is an effective, safe and non-invasive treatment which can help reduce the presence and appearance of cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a harmless condition manifesting in the appearance of dimples and lumps on the skin’s surface.  People suffering this condition liken their skin’s surface to “orange-peel” or “cottage-cheese”.

As cellulite is not a medical condition it doesn’t require treatment.  Many people choose to have treatment however as they feel that improving the aesthetic appearance of their skin, will help improve their overall quality of life and wellbeing. 

Cellulite can affect both men and women although is much more common in females.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by pockets of enlarged fat cells pushing against the connective tissue compartments of the skin’s sub-layers.

The build-up of the enlarged fat cells leads to sustained pressure on the fibrous bands of connective tissue in these skin compartments causing them to weaken, which affects the structure and elasticity of the skin.

The combination of enlarged fat cells and the weakening of the adjacent connective tissues results in a ‘puckering’ or ‘dimpling’ observed on the surface of the skin.

Who is susceptible?

Many factors contribute to the build-up of cellulite however the most important factor is thought to be genetics, as your genes determine the nature and structure of your skin.

Another significant causative factor relates to hormonal changes or imbalances, which is why women are generally more susceptible to the condition – particularly around puberty and the menopause.

Other causative factors are a poor diet, smoking, ageing and an general inactivity.  Interestingly, although weight-gain can make cellulite more noticeable, it is not thought to directly cause cellulite as cellulite can still be evident in slim and lean people.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A course of Acoustic Wave Therapy will usually consist of between 8 and 12 treatment sessions, spread over 4-6 weeks.  

The length of these sessions is dependant on the number of areas to be treated, the total surface area to be treated and the severity of the condition.  Your practitioner will advise at your initial consultation on the best course of treatment for you.

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