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Osteopathy for Mothers

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective therapy which can help you cope with the physical stresses and strains associated with pregnancy childbirth and the arrival of new little person in your life!

Osteopaths can work with you to help your body recover from pregnancy, labour and childbirth and also help and support with any problems you may have feeding and carrying your newborn baby.

When is it safe to be treated?

It is generally safe to have osteopathic treatment at any time during your pregnancy. Osteopathy can also be an effective therapy for mothers during both their post-natal period.

As your body changes throughout and after pregnancy, you may experience aches, pains or restrictions of movement. These aches, pains and restrictions most commonly manifest as back, neck or hip pain but can produce pain anywhere in the body.

How do we treat?

Using gentle massage, articulation and manipulation techniques, our osteopaths are able to work with you to get you out of pain and maximise your body’s ability to accommodate and adapt to these changes.

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