Lately I have been helping a patient with coccyx pain with great success and it occurred to me just how many people live with this painful condition day in and day out. This doesn’t need to be the case.

‘So what is it?’
The coccyx (or tailbone) is located in the lower buttock and is made up of the last three to five vertebrae of the spinal column with some pelvic muscles and ligaments attached for good measure.

‘How is it caused?’
A tailbone injury (or coccydynia) is often caused by backwards fall onto a hard surface, such as a slippery floor or ice which can lead to bruising and pain. New mothers are susceptible too as sometimes the tailbone can be irritated or injured during pregnancy or during a difficult labour and delivery.

‘How would I recognise it?’
If you injure your tailbone, you may have pain on top of the buttocks area with possible swelling and bruising around the base of the spine. This may be accompanied by pain and numbness that tends to be most severe when you’re sitting. You may feel pain when rising from sitting to standing or if you strain to have a bowel movement.

Some tips for dealing with a painful coccyx:
• Use a well-padded seat when sitting
• Avoid sitting for long periods of time

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