With the summer sun cooling off and the wetter weather approaching – our top tips for cycling in the rain will ensure that you remain safe, comfortable and in control.

1. Find some mudguards

As well as stopping water flying up your front and back, splashing your face and soaking you from the off, mudguards – particularly on the rear wheel – also stop you from giving the person behind you a face full of water!

You will find a pair of mudguards from most bike shops that are easy to attach (and remove).

2. Pop on some specs

Protect your eyes from flying water, road grit, mud and all of the other debris that can be thrown up by your bike wheels. A pair of glasses will protect you and if you opt for a yellow or orange lens then this will increase the contrast when light levels are low which means you will pick out lumps and bumps in the road more easily.

3. Avoid puddles – they might be potholes!

Unfortunately potholes are a common occurrence on the roads these days and they’re bad news for cyclists. They can cause you to veer off course, damage your wheels and even make you crash! In the rain they become even trickier, not only because of the reduction in grip, but because what you may think is a shallow puddle could turn out to be a great big chasm! Best keep clear!

4. Drop your PSI

Although you will be that bit slower, if you drop the pressure in your tyres a little – maybe around 15-20 PSI – then you will be able to increase your grip on the road. This could be a good compromise if the conditions are bad.

5. Stay in control

Wet conditions mean you have to adjust how you ride so keep looking up and ahead and anticipate the road as best you can. Avoid sudden, hard breaking which could cause you to skid and reduce your speed gradually before going around corners.

6. Protect yourself from the elements

If you want to be a happy all-weather rider then you will need to buy a good waterproof jacket – especially if you are out for several hours. Other purchases you might like to consider are waterproof shoe covers, over trousers, tights and gloves.