…lots of ice creams for a week or two!

Sounds like heaven to us! But if you want to indulge without losing your fitness then you either need a hotel with a gym…or a little bit of creativity! Read on for our 5 top tips for keeping fit whilst on holiday!

Take your normal exercise routine and adapt it to your new location. If you usually cycle but don’t have your bike, or usually run but would rather not in an unknown place then don’t panic. Find alternatives! Maybe you can mix and match exercises or stretches from your classes at home. If you don’t go to exercise classes then worry not – a quick internet search of ‘five minute fitness workout’ will yield lots of possibilities for quick sessions that fit into your new holiday routine.

2. Skip yourself fit!

A skipping rope is inexpensive, lightweight and fits easily into your luggage so it can provide a great little work out session! Skip at different temps as a warm-up and cool-down and then either up the tempo to do some cardio or add in your core work exercises in between. You’ll be surprised how effective skipping is for agility and cardio condition.

3. Pick up the pace

Pack your trainers and try to keep moving! Walk a bit faster whilst heading out to find your evening restaurant or to see the sites. Even if you’re on a city-break shopping weekend you can pick up the pace between shops or head into town slightly earlier to do a lap of the shops before they open and then head back again later to browse.


4. Pack some exercise bands

These are a great addition to a fitness fan’s suitcase and ensure that you can train on the spot for just 15 minutes a day, or longer if you combine it with cardio. Another quick online search will show you lots of ways to use these!

5. Use nature as your gym

Embrace your surroundings. If you are on a beach holiday, head to down to the sand for an intense run or dip in the water for your workouts. In the countryside or even in a city with a park, head out and explore on foot. If it’s an option then activities like horse riding, windsurfing or paddle boarding will get you some fresh air and wake up muscles you never knew you had!