2018 has arrived! And with it comes the pressure of making a resolution. Every year people make… and break resolutions – so how can 2018 be different? How can you ensure you’re successful this time?

1. Set realistic goals – if you haven’t exercised for a long while then don’t set yourself a target of 5 gym sessions a week. It will be hard to keep up and any ‘failure’ will be very demotivational.  Try starting with say 2 sessions a week. You may then end up doing 5 eventually!

2. Vary your sessions.  Don’t just do the same session each time – mix things up to keep it interesting. You could also try some shorter, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions. These can range from as little as 5 minutes and can be done at home – so no need to even get to the gym.

3. Avoid possible pitfalls.  If that ice cream in the freezer or biscuits in the cupboard are inevitable temptations then bin them and keep healthier snacks on hand (such as fruit, nuts, etc) instead.

4. Keep track of your progress.  Things like keeping a track of your weight, waist measurement etc. really help you to tick off mini milestones and keep morale up. You could even try keeping a food diary, exercise diary etc – anything to track your progress and keep you motivated.

5. Make little changes to support your goals.  If you’re planning on getting up for an early gym session ensure your bag is packed the night before so that you can simply get up and go in the morning.