We hear you! Flip flops are amazing, easy to slip on and off, a more exciting tan line and the joy of the breeze through your toes. But they can also be flipping awful!

When a flip-flop goes rogue, accidents happen. If your foot slips out of your flip flop or you turn your ankle over then you could end up with a foot or ankle injury.

So save yourself some poolside embarrassment by giving this easy technique a go to keep your feet from slipping. For the safest fit, start with the right shoe size for your feet.

The Hairspray Method

Step 1 – Buy flip flops made from quality material like leather. Find ones which bend at the ball of the foot but that won’t flop around when you walk. Poorly made pairs that don’t hug your foot shame will lead to more problems!

Step 2 – Spray the inside of the flip-flops with extra-hold hairspray.

Step 3 – The best foot traction will occur if you put the flip flops on whilst the hair spray is still wet.

General Tips

  • Replace flip flops every year and toss out pairs that crack or tear immediately.
  • Never wear flip flops if you’re playing sport or doing gardening / yard work.