“Hah!” we hear you cry, “my sun lounger brings me nothing but relaxation and a decent tan!” well, we beg to differ. Read on to find out how you can avoid the other gift from your sun lounger: back pain!

We know what it’s like, waiting all year, counting down the weeks, days, minutes! until your well-deserved holiday. And it’s so important to take it easy – just not too easy!

If you’re lying on a sun bed for hours every day then this is actually no different for your body than being sat in an office chair all day long. It’s the same thing – a stagnant position without regular movement.

And that’s all if you’re lying on your back! If you flip over to top up your tan then and read a book then you can add in some neck pain to the mix for good measure.

So what should you do to have a restful, painfree holiday? Just remember to take regular breaks from doing nothing. We’re not talking going for a run, just something every 30 minutes that will get your joints moving again. It could be a trip to the loos or a trip to the bar for another cocktail! Just get up and stretch your muscles every 30 minutes.

Trust us – your body will thank you for it! and we’ll be less likely to be the first people you call when your plane lands! Happy holidays!