Patient details: 50 year old gentleman

A gentleman in his late fifties who had been suffering with chronic low back pain for over a year came to the clinic a couple of months ago to see if there was anything we could do for him. He had had extensive investigations by orthopaedic specialists including X-rays and MRI scans however nothing was found and therefore he felt at a loss as there appeared to be nothing that could be done for him.

As he works for one of our emergency service organisations he was very concerned as he was failing their fitness tests and was therefore at risk of losing his job.

Our management plan was to treat him according to our chronic pain protocols. The basic idea is to help the patient gain re-assurance and confidence that they can do more than they initially think they can by gradually increasing their activities and exercise.

He came to see us for 5 sessions and was very compliant with the exercise and lifestyle advice that we gave him and we’re happy to say he is as good as pain-free now and feels confident that he will be able to pass his next fitness test at work.

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