An older gentleman came to see us to see if we could do anything for his ‘stooped’ posture which he feels has been the cause of general aches and pains in his upper/mid back.
He has been suffering for years but it has been getting progressively worse.  He was using a walking stick as he said he was bent over so far that he felt unsteady.

On examination – it was evident that he had a stooped/flexed posture which was due to a degenerative condition in his spine.
Three treatments later and he “feels like a new man”.
He no longer needs his walking stick (which was likely to be worsening the stooped posture) and he feels he is able to stand much more upright and feels less ‘crushed’ around his stomach area.  He was advised that there was nothing we could do to directly treat the degeneration in his spine, however we were able to increase the function of his spine by mobilising his joints and soft tissues, leading to him feeling he was able to move more freely.
An older lady in her late 70s came to see us about pain and numbness in the left hand side of her face and neck.  She had been suffering with these symptoms for around 6 months.
She had been to see a consultant neurologist who was unable to find any neurological cause of her symptoms therefore she wanted to see if there was anything we could do.
Examinations revealed tension in her upper neck on the left hand side and she was therefore treated with gentle articulation and soft tissue techniques to help release this area.  Two treatments later she is well on the way to recovery – “75% improved overall”.