Fancy getting some money off your next treatment?
We are currently running an exciting promotion that benefits you AND your friends! Perfect!
For the months of November and December when you refer a friend to us, we will be offering them a 20% saving on their first treatment!
When they come in for their appointment they just need to let us know your name and we will then log a 20% credit for you! This can be used on your next treatment and will be valid until the end of January 2019!
The best bit about this offer is that the more friends you refer (& who book in), the more money you will save! For example you only need to refer 5 friends to get a total saving of 100% off your next appointment!
So start spreading the word and we look forward to helping your friends back to full fitness soon!
For more information please call our friendly reception team on 01354 694050 or e-mail us at:
Terms and conditions
– For the new patient to receive the 20% discount the patient must be a new patient to the clinic (i.e. someone who has never been treated at the clinic before).
– To receive their discount the new patient must attend their appointment between the 1st November 2018 and 31st December 2018.
– New patients will only receive the 20% discount on their first treatment at the clinic.
– Existing patients who have referred a new patient/new patients to the clinic will receive a ‘credit’ of 20% off their next treatment at the clinic.  These ‘credits’ will be valid until 31 January 2019 at which time they will expire.
– The more ‘credits’ that any existing patient accrues, the more discount they will be entitled to on their next appointment.  Each ‘credit’ will be worth 20% off any appointment therefore if, for example, a patient refers 3 new patients who all attend the clinic within the above timescale then the referring patient will be entitled to a 60% deduction on their next appointment – as long as it is taken within the timescales detailed above.
– Discounts don’t have a specific monetary value – only a percentage value of the chosen treatment.  The ‘credits’ accrued will equate to a 20% discount off of the next treatment of the referring patient’s choice.
 – Discounts will be valid across all treatments so if, for example, someone refers a patient who attends for an osteopathy appointment, the referring patient will be entitled to take the discount against any treatment at the clinic, not just osteopathy.
– This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
– This offer does not apply to discount of gift vouchers