Sports Injuries

Looking after your most important piece of sports kit

Our osteopaths and sports therapists are experienced at treating a wide range of sports injuries.  Their combined approach to rehabilitation is tailored to you and aims to get you back in control and back in the game as soon as possible.

Wide range of injuries treated

treating all types of injury – whether serious or minor

Our practitioners are experienced at treating a wide range of sports injuries suffered by a wide variety of sports people.  These can range from the rehabilitation of injuries such as ruptured tendons or ligaments down to the treatment of minor joint, muscle or ligament strains.  We understand how frustrating being out of action can be and work with our patients to get them back on track as soon as possible

Therefore whether you’ve torn your hamstring training for your next triathlon, or have simply sprained your thumb catching a cricket ball in the garden, we may be able to help.

A combined approach to rehabilitation

hands-on treatment in conjunction with exercise advice

Our combination of skilled hands-on manual therapy in conjunction with bespoke exercise programs sets us apart from many other physical therapists.

Our practitioners understand the importance of direct, hands-on manual techniques in addition to advising on exercises, in order to speed up and enhancing the healing and rehabilitation process.

We treat all our patients as individuals and consider rehabilitation to be a two-way process. When advising on an exercise program we work with our patients all the way to ensure that the process is as productive, effective and enjoyable as possible.

Keeping you in the game

keeping fit to play sport – not just playing sport to keep fit

When people are young they play sports to keep fit. As age catches up with them however, maintaining their fitness and flexibility becomes increasingly important in order for them to continue enjoying their sports.

Our practitioners can help patients to improve or maintain mobility and flexibility, by working on the structures in the body that are causing tension or restriction.

Maybe you’re not driving as far off the tee as you used to, you’re getting less ‘whip’ with your crosscourt forehand or your running stride has started to lose its fluidity?

If so then maybe we could help? Keeping you supple and flexible can help keep you in the game.

Minimising the risk of future problems

I just can’t seem to shake it off.…

Sports people sometimes have a habit of ‘soldiering on’ when injured but this could simply be storing up problems for the future.

Leaving injuries untreated, however small, could lead to further complications and injuries down the line – at some point the body simply may simply say ‘no more’!

What may start out as a sprained ankle could easily turn into a knee, hip and even low back problem if ignored from the onset.

Addressing and managing injuries as soon as possible after they happen will maximise the ability for the body to recover and minimise the recovery period required.