Osteopathy for Baby

Working together to support you and your little one

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective therapy which can help you and your baby cope with the physical stresses and strains associated with pregnancy, childbirth and their introduction into their new world.

Osteopathy for baby

As any new mother knows, although babies are generally flexible and resilient, they can become irritable and unsettled and can sometimes cry for long periods for no obvious reason.

Osteopaths work gently with babies – using their highly developed sense of touch – treating them with a range of gentle and safe massage-type techniques.  Although these techniques are sometimes referred to as ‘cranial osteopathy’, they can be employed anywhere on your baby’s body.

Osteopaths work alongside other medical professionals and their treatment of your baby is seen as complementary to any advice given to you by your doctor or physician.

We all work together to support you and your little one

As a multi-disciplinary clinic we are also able to offer additional services which may be of benefit to new mothers such as reiki, massage and Pilates.