Who Can Benefit

Osteopathy is a universal therapy which can benefit anyone suffering with pain anywhere on the body. Whether you are recovering from a recent sporting injury, have been suffering with long-term arthritic pain, or even having trouble with your unsettled baby, osteopathy may be able to help.

Benefitting people of all ages

Osteopathy can be benefit people of all ages from the elderly all the way down to newborn babies.


Our gentle techniques (sometimes referred to as cranial osteopathy) can be beneficial in the treatment of babies and small children, unwinding the areas of tension which are causing them to be unsettled.

Young and active

Our younger and more active patients can benefit from our knowledge of treating acute problems such as sports injuries, enabling them to get back to their chosen sport or activity as soon as possible.

Middle years

Osteopathy can benefit those in their middle years who perhaps may be suffering from postural problems or those who have noticed issues with restriction and reduced mobility which are starting to encroach into their enjoyment of life.

Older patients

We work with our older patients, who suffer from problems such as arthritis and general joint immobility, by helping get them moving again and enabling them to get on with their lives in as little pain as possible.


Want to find out more?

If in doubt then why not give us a call? For those unfamiliar with what we do we offer a free 15-minute pre-consultation chat with an osteopath for you to discuss your problem and help you decide if it is something that we may be able to help you with.