What We Treat

Osteopaths can treat all types of pain experienced in all areas of the body. Whatever the cause of your pain, whether your problem is minor or serious, long-standing or short-lived, we will endeavour to treat it.

Treating all types of pain – not just backs!

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes….

Although best known for their treatment of back pain, osteopaths are able to treat pain in all areas of the body – literally from head to toe:

Perhaps you’ve injured your shoulder, knee or ankle playing your favorite sport?

Maybe you’ve woken up with a ‘cricked’ neck or are experiencing postural pain or headaches due to spending too long in front of a computer?

Maybe you’ve been suffering from back pain with pain shooting down the leg after some digging in the garden?

If so then maybe osteopathy could help?

As osteopaths will endeavour to treat pain experienced in any area of the body it is difficult to provide a definitive list of what we treat due to the breadth and range of what we do, however the links below for detail of some of the more common conditions that we deal with.

Don’t worry if your particular doesn’t fit neatly into the this list though – many of our patients’ problems don’t – simply give us a call to see if it’s something we can help with.

Treating both short and long-term conditions

Osteopaths are able to treat injuries sustained in the short-term, as well as managing (chronic) longer-term conditions on an on-going basis.

Most short-lived problems are non-serious

The majority of short-lived (acute) back, neck and joint problems are non-serious muscle strains or minor joint inflammations which respond well to osteopathic treatment. Although they are ‘non-serious’ in terms of any long-term physical damage, osteopaths understand how painful and debilitating these conditions can be.

Our treatment therefore aims to restore health to the damaged tissues and enable the patient’s body to overcome the damage or restriction as quickly as possible.

Long-term problems can build up over time

Longer-term (chronic) problems can often be the result of joint restrictions and muscle tensions in the body which have built-up over time for reasons such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyle or general ‘wear and tear’.

As osteopaths, we look to identify the areas in the body which are causing restrictions or imbalance and tailor our treatment to improve the function of those areas affected.

‘I feel my body could do with a regular MOT’

Lots of patients visit their osteopath on a regular basis for the treatment of their longer-term conditions. We can’t cure conditions such as arthritis however we can often help provide relief from the symptoms they cause by managing them on an on-going basis.

Many patients, particularly those with arthritis, benefit from a ‘maintenance program’ where they will visit the osteopath on a regular basis – typically every 3-4 months – in order to keep on top of their symptoms.

Want to find out more?

If in doubt then why not give us a call? For those unfamiliar with what we do we offer a free 15-minute pre-consultation chat with an osteopath for you to discuss your problem and help you decide if it is something that we may be able to help you with.