We recently treated a female patient in her late twenties with rather brilliant results – so we would like to share.

This particular patient had been had been suffering with low back pain for a long while (nearly a year) when she attended the clinic. As some of you will know, constant back pain can be extremely wearing and she had been to the doctors several times.
She had been referred and had seen an orthopedic surgeon earlier on in the year who had advised that she needed an operation on her spine. This was scheduled and a date was set, however she decided to cancel it as her back had started to improve and she wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible.
It was at this point that she booked in to see us and a came to the clinic for 4 sessions over the course of 4 weeks. We are thrilled to say that she is now practically pain free.
We are delighted that we could make such a difference and also want to say that a lot of her improvement is down to her doing the exercises as advised to by the osteopath which really does make a huge difference in terms of recovery and rehabilitation.
It’s really great that she’s now able to get on with her life and has managed to avoid the surgeon’s knife.