Pain can be debilitating and it can take over your life, however there are often ways to get you out of pain by changing and modifying your activites and lifestyle. This can enable your body to ‘turn down the volume’ on your pain.

If we continue to do the same activities (sitting too long at a desk/computer, using the ipad for long periods, over-doing exercise or sports etc.) then it’s like a contestant on I’m a celebrity – jabbing their hand into the snake pit to find the golden ‘star’. If they continue to irritate the snake in this way, then snake will remain defensive and will continue to attack when the contestant’s hand approaches them.

If, however, the contestant adopts a slow, gentle, approach then, on most occasions, the snake remains calm and does not attack and let’s the person get their reward.

Doing the same irritating activities sends ‘danger’ messages to the brain which but if you modify these activities then it will lessen the ‘threat’ perceived by the body, thus enabling it to dampen down the pain.

So why not book in for your free initial consulation and we can help you to adapt and change your lifestyle so that you slowly creep up on pain.