New Year, New You

New Year, now it’s time for the new you!

The Christmas season is always an enjoyable
time of year when we are able to spend a little
more time with those who mean a lot to us – as
well as a little more time over-indulging ourselves!
Although January seems to arrive all too soon
it is a useful time to reflect on the past year
whilst looking to the future and to a new you!

So what is the new you?

The new you can be anything you want. There
are many simple lifestyle and healthcare
changes you could make to shape your
future health and wellbeing – here are a few

Time to deal with those niggles

Have you been suffering with a niggling sports
injury or pain when you work out ? Maybe you
have been putting up with back or neck pain,
hoping that it will simply go away?
If so then it is advisable to seek advice from
a qualified practitioner, such as an osteopath.
Leaving problems unchecked can lead to
problems elsewhere as the body tries to adapt
to the injury.

Wake up or shake up your exercise routine

Maybe you haven’t exercised for a while and
are looking for the best way to get things kickstarted?
Maybe you exercise regularly but you
are no longer feeling the benefits and/or your
routine has become boring and monotonous?
 A good personal trainer or fitness instructor
will be able to guide and support you. They
will ensure exercise routines remain varied
and interesting and that you remain motivated
and on course to achieve your own personal

Take a more holistic approach to health

You may feel you’d like to adopt a more
holistic ‘mind and body’ approach to your
health and are looking to ways to de-stress,
re-energise and re-envigorate yourself.
Complementary therapies such as reflexology,
reiki and some massage therapies have these
aims in mind and can help rebalance your
body’s natural regulatory systems.

So what’s the next step?

Chatteris Osteopaths is a multi-disciplinary
clinic offering a wide-range of services by
practitioners who are highly skilled and
qualified in their fields. Our services include
osteopathy, personal training, massage, Pilates
classes, reflexology and reiki.
For more information feel free to call us for
a chat, or have a browse around our website.
We look forward to helping you achieve that
New You!