As the weather is (hopefully!) now on the turn there will be many more of our patients who will be tempted to dust down their golf clubs and get themselves out in the fresh air for a nice round of golf.  This is all very much to be encouraged.  Despite its image as a sedentary activity, a round of golf can be of great benefit to your health.  Not only can a round of golf include a good few miles walk – the ‘king’ of all exercise – it can help reduce stress levels by taking your mind away from the general day-to-day routine. (Now I’m sure there are those who would say golf is just as ‘stressful’ as day-to-day life, but having one of those rounds where you don’t seem to be able to hit the ball straight, and you can’t hole a put for love nor money, although extremely frustrating, is unlikely to actually be stressful, in the medical sense.)
Is that frustration however lasting longer than you had expected?  Has the bad round that used to dog your score card once in a while started to become a much more regular occurence?  Maybe you are experiencing pain or stiffness during or after you play?  Have you tried implementing all of those tips the pro gave you but they just don’t seem to be helping any more?
If so then maybe you are suffering from restrictions in your body which are creating a barrier to your perfect swing.  A golf swing is a very complex and integrated beast, with forces and movement going through the length of the entire body – from the ankles and knees, up through the hips and pelvis, through the whole of the back and finally through the shoulders, elbows and wrists.  Any restriction in any of the joints that are involved in the swing could cause the breakdown of the entire swing itself as it will ruin the fluidity of the movement.
As osteopaths and sports therapists, our aim is to identify where any such restrictions may be occurring and to work with our patients, through manual therapy, massage and exercise advice, to ensure that their mobility is maximised and their swing is returned to its former glory!”