After an extremely hot summer we look set to have a colourful autumn and whilst these cooler temperatures are a blessing to many people it also means dressing differently.

The key to dressing correctly is to remember that although you’ll start off cold, you’ll soon warm up but that also the opposite is true; when you stop running you will cool down very quickly.

The best advice is to ensure that you wear layers – lightweight items of clothing that can tie easily around your waist and don’t require a prolonged stop to get them off. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you can get out of your wet / sweaty clothes immediately upon finishing and, if possible, jump straight into a warm shower!

If you fancy being a tad more scientific about things then there is a formula that runners use to work out what they should be wearing on a run. If you are going out for a short or easy run then add 10-15 degrees to the outside temperature to estimate your temperature whilst running. If you are going for a long or hard run then add 20 degrees.