The nights are drawing in at an alarming rate and with the weather getting colder (thanks Aileen!), it is more tempting than ever to stay wrapped up inside and to skip the gym. So here are some tips to help you stay motivated!

  • Exercise in the morning – sounds simple but an early exercise session guarantees the workout gets done and gives you time to relax and cosy up in the afternoon/evening.


  • Change routine – breathe new life into your exercise regime and mix things up. Change exercise machines or re-route your run! If you keep it fresh you’ll be less likely to get bored.


  • Get equipped for the great outdoors – if you’ve got the right cold weather kit (ideally something that’s breathable but wind and rain resistant), you’ll be more likely to get outside and exercise.


  • Keep hydrated – it’s just as important as in the summer to help you recover from your workout.


  • Update your tunes – a new playlist can re-energise your workout without breaking the bank.


  • Schedule days off – taking a break is vital so you can rest up and revel in your hard work!


  • Train with a friend – find someone to give you that extra encouragement to get out of the house.


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Happy exercising!