Workstation & Vehicle Assessment

Many problems that relate to workplace activities can be avoided by taking the right precautions and setting things up correctly in the first place.  Our ergonomic consultants are on hand to offer advice to ensure that things are set up as efficiently and effectively for your workforce as possible

Workstation/DSE assessments

Our ergonomic consultants can attend your premises to give your employees the best advice possible on their workstation and display screen equipment (DSE) set up.  We can offer a general presentation/Q+A session to your employees on ‘ best practice’ for workstation/DSE set-up and can also offer bespoke/tailored assessments for those individuals who may be suffering from problems already.

Vehicle assessments

If any of your employees spend a lot of time behind the wheel then its best to ensure that they have a vehicle that it  compatible for them and also that it is set up correctly.  Our consultants will be able to advise on the most efficient and effective driving position for your employees in their particular vehicle.