Corporate Services

Working to serve your business

We run a flexible corporate health membership scheme and also offer ergonomic workstation and vehicle assessments – designed to ensure that your workforce remain as fit and productive as possible

Unfit for business?

Back pain, neck pain and other types of physical injury are the cause of millions of working days to be lost each year in the UK.  This not only impacts on the individuals themselves but can also have a substantial impact on the businesses that they work for.

Individuals may suffer by being both in pain and physically unable to work.  This can be demotivating and stressful.  As well as affecting their remuneration, sickness and absence could also impact their job and their career if they are long-term absent, therefore most employees are keen to get back in the workplace as soon as possible.

Businesses themselves can also suffer from sickness absence  – not only with payments to employees for sickness leave but also by having to arrange expensive cover in order to ensure that business does not grind to a halt.

We can get you back on track

Our corporate health scheme is designed to ensure that your workforce has direct and speedy access to qualified health professionals who can assess and treat your employees, helping get them back to work as soon as possible.

Our workstation/DSE and vehicle assessments are also designed to lower the risk of your workforce suffering from such physical problems in the first place.