Let’s face it – it’s hard enough to get ready for a run on an icy cold, dark evening, but you’ve made your resolution and a run a day it is!

So how can you make it less painful and more gainful?

Stay motivated – getting motivated can be hard, staying motivated can be harder. So make running dates, sign up for the weekly park run (March Park Run is your local one) or set yourself little goals.

Stay warm and dry – dress for the weather and look for trainers with less mesh on them – and if possible, a Gore-Tex upper.

Be seen – this goes without saying really but reflective, fluorescent gear is a must in winter. You can also buy inexpensive flashing lights to go on your trainers to make you more visible.

Warm up indoors – going out into the cold, warm, is a lot easier than going out cold! So get your blood flowing inside by running up and down the stairs, doing some yoga sun salutations or blitzing the housework just before you leave the house.

Don’t worry too much about speed work – winter running is more about maintenance than speed.

Change / shower quickly after your run to warm back up again. Enjoy!