We are thrilled to welcome Calum to the team here at Chatteris Osteopaths and to be able to provide another service by way of sports therapy!


Introducing Calum…

Calum qualified as a sports therapist in 2015 from Coventry University and is a member of The Society of Sports Therapists. Since qualifying, he has enjoyed every minute of helping clients become pain-free and functional again.

Having previously worked in a busy Cambridge clinic, Calum has seen a variety of injuries both sporting and occupational. Calum has a love for all sports and has played football, rugby, cricket and golf over the years. He’s currently working with The Leys School in Cambridge, providing first aid for first team rugby fixtures.

The big scoop on Calum is that he used to work for an award winning local ice cream company! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

Calum likes to use hands-on methods to treat any aches, pains or niggles. He also has a keen interest in prehab. Prehab is a method of preventing injury through improving mobility, strength and stability.


“What is sports therapy?”

Sports therapy is a popular and effective form of treatment – focussing on the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of each patient back to full fitness. Despite the name, sports therapists’ work isn’t limited to sporting injuries and also helps with day-to-day or occupational injuries.

“If I book in with Calum, what can I expect?” 

During your first initial consultation, there will be a thorough assessment of your injury through a variety of movements and special tests. This enables Calum to determine exactly what the injury is and how he can make it better. Also in this first session you will be given the appropriate treatment and he will show you specific rehabilitation exercises to get you back to full fitness, for good.

Follow up sessions will be used to continue treatment and rehabilitation. Calum will help you to look to the future and to make sure that after the injury has resolved, it does not re-occur.

Calum is also trained in sports massage. Perfect for loosening up any tight muscles as a result of work, sport… or just life!


“Sounds good to me! When can I book in?”

If you ever want to learn more about prehab or have any questions to ask Calum about sports therapy, then you can find him in clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays and alternating Saturdays.

Phone us on 01354 694050 or email us at info@chatterisosteopaths.co.uk