When will the clinic be re-opening?

By chatteris-osteopaths on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 in Uncategorized.

We continue to monitor things to ensure that when we do re-open we will do so safely and within the guidelines Currently the government’s stringent ‘lockdown’ guidelines remain, however there have been hints that there may be some easing of restrictions when the Prime Minister addresses the nation about the situation on Sunday (10th May). […]

What I learnt about pain on a recent ‘course’

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  I thought I’d share with you something that I learnt on a course I was on last weekend – an 18-hole course, that is! I hadn’t played golf for around a year so, aside from my game being a bit rusty, my body wasn’t very used to this type of activity either. Now I’d […]

Okay, I’m not a celebrity but… GET ME OUT OF PAIN!!

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Pain can be debilitating and it can take over your life, however there are often ways to get you out of pain by changing and modifying your activites and lifestyle. This can enable your body to ‘turn down the volume’ on your pain. If we continue to do the same activities (sitting too long at […]

Have you ever considered how amazing your gut is?

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Our gut is a very clever food processing system that most people don’t even consider. It either digests your food or causes you illness and discomfort and that’s as far as people’s thought processes go! But I wonder how many people know that your intestine is the largest organ with an average length greater than […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

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…lots of ice creams for a week or two! Sounds like heaven to us! But if you want to indulge without losing your fitness then you either need a hotel with a gym…or a little bit of creativity! Read on for our 5 top tips for keeping fit whilst on holiday! 1. Think outside of […]


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Any one that’s had a hot stone massage will tell you that it’s deeply relaxing, but there are other reasons to choose this form of massage. Pain relief Hot stone massage has specifically been associated with symptom relief in people with a range of conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and some other autoimmune disorders. Patients […]


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Let’s face it – it’s hard enough to get ready for a run on an icy cold, dark evening, but you’ve made your resolution and a run a day it is! So how can you make it less painful and more gainful? Stay motivated – getting motivated can be hard, staying motivated can be harder. […]

Your job should only be so painful…….

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Time to sit up and be counted I have recently been involved with some ergonomic workstation assessments at a client site and was struck by how badly some people’s workstations are set up for them to work at.  I wasn’t necessarily surprised, having spent over 10 years chained to a computer when I worked as […]

Gardening aches and pains?……

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Now that spring has sprung we are able to get ourselves outside to enjoy the warmer weather.  For many there can be nothing more satisfying than pottering around in the garden, tending the flowers and vegetables with the promise of a BBQ and a few cold beers at the end of a hard day’s work. […]

Is your mobile phone a pain in the neck?…

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The ‘must have’ gadget Mobile phones are undoubtedly the ‘must have’ gadget of the 21st Century.  It’s practically unthinkable for someone not to have a mobile phone these days – even my dad would be lost without his!  Smartphones have become smarter than ever and have essentially become powerful mini computers.  Most people would be […]