We all know that avocados are great for you, nutritionally speaking they contain a healthy unsaturated fat that’s known to lower cholesterol. They’re also packed with nutrients, including fibre, potassium and essential vitamins.

But did you know that, according to recent studies, the seed most of us throw away contains around 70% of the fruit’s antioxidant content? Nope, us either! If you’ve ever looked at the hard avocado seed you’ve probably never for one second thought about eating it!

The best advice on how to eat it is to let it dry out. You can air dry it for a week or pop it in the oven on a really low temperature (around 80 degrees C) until the skin cracks.

Once the skin has cracked you should be able to peel it off (let it cool first if it’s just come out of the oven!) and then you can chop the orange/pink stone into small chunks and blitz them in a blender.

You can then pop it into a smoothie or sprinkle it on a salad and know that you’re boosting your immune system from a previously discarded bit of the avocado!

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