In recent studies exercise has been shown to be just as important for your brain as it is for your body! A study at the University of Georgia found that a mere 20 minutes of exercise a day helps to improve the brain’s information-processing and memory functions.

5 activities recommended to improve mental fitness are…


Ballroom Dancing. After six months of ballroom dancing lessons you should find improvements in your memory, your reaction times, your sensory-motor performance and your posture!






Balanced-Based Exercises. From balance beams to wobble boards, exercises that force you to focus and challenge your sense of balance can improve your motor skills and the circuitry within your brain.






Yoga. The downward dog isn’t just relaxing you – it’s good for your brain! Studies have found that yoga causes increases in the brain’s gray matter — where most of the neurons are.




Cardio. Cardiovascular activities, such as running or biking, increase blood flow to the brain and create an environment that allows the brain to perform efficiently. Running is known to increase the number and complexity of the nerve cells in the brain & decrease inflammation in nerve tissues.




Tai Chi. Tai chi is promoted as a low-impact exercise option that relies on a series of slow, controlled, fluid movements that challenge the body and mind. Tai chi is said to improve your ability to plan, your attention span, your ability to problem solve, your verbal reasoning skills and your ability to switch quickly between tasks.