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What is the key to getting and staying motivated this January? 1. Take your goal seriously. If, until now, you’ve thought about it, had it pass your mind every now and then or just mused upon it whilst doing something else then it’s time to decide. Make a decision to go all the way. If you […]

The Power of Pilates

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What is pilates? Pilates exercises take place on a mat or using special equipment and aim to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength which improves general wellbeing and fitness. Who is pilates for? Pilates is literally for anyone and everyone and caters to people of all ages and […]

Okay, I’m not a celebrity but… GET ME OUT OF PAIN!!

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Pain can be debilitating and it can take over your life, however there are often ways to get you out of pain by changing and modifying your activites and lifestyle. This can enable your body to ‘turn down the volume’ on your pain. If we continue to do the same activities (sitting too long at […]

Success story! Warning: this blog contains good news

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  Patient details: 60 year old lady with shoulder pain 4 weeks ago we started treating a lovely 60 year-old lady for pain and stiffness in her shoulder that she had been suffering with for over a year.  The symptoms started soon after she had a pacemaker fitted and were possibly related to the operation. When […]

Refer a Friend!

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Fancy getting some money off your next treatment? We are currently running an exciting promotion that benefits you AND your friends! Perfect! For the months of November and December when you refer a friend to us, we will be offering them a 20% saving on their first treatment! When they come in for their appointment […]

Time to Concentrate!

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We all know that certain things affect your concentration levels. How engaging your task is, how much sleep you’ve had, whether you’ve anything else going on in your life drawing your focus… but did you also know that there are lots of vitamins that can boost your brain’s staying power and concentration? Here are the […]

Have you ever considered how amazing your gut is?

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Our gut is a very clever food processing system that most people don’t even consider. It either digests your food or causes you illness and discomfort and that’s as far as people’s thought processes go! But I wonder how many people know that your intestine is the largest organ with an average length greater than […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome This painful condition can affect anyone. You might feel pain or a tingling / numbness in the thumb and forefinger region and your thumb grip may also be weakened. Carpal tunnel syndrome is generally due to the irritation of the median nerve within the bones of the wrist (the carpal tunnel) and it’s irritation […]

Common cycling injuries…and how to avoid them!

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  Cycling is ever-increasing in popularity and is a fantastic way to maintain your weight and boost your health. It is an intense cardio exercise for the whole body! However there are a lot of injuries that cycling can cause – for example around half of cyclists complain of neck pain. Musculoskeletal trauma and superficial […]

Autumn Running

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After an extremely hot summer we look set to have a colourful autumn and whilst these cooler temperatures are a blessing to many people it also means dressing differently. The key to dressing correctly is to remember that although you’ll start off cold, you’ll soon warm up but that also the opposite is true; when […]