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  FIVE were right when they told us to “keep on movin” because ”if ya gettin’ down” to “slam dunk da funk” then you’re more likely to be able to do so “until the time is through” (we’ll stop now – that’s more than enough FIVE song references for one blog post!) It’s an old […]

Ice or heat? Which should I use?

By chatteris-osteopaths on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 in Pain and Injury.

It’s a question practitioners are often asked – should I use ice or heat on an injury?  Although there is no simple answer to this, with opinion still somewhat divided, here is what we advise at the clinic. In our experience, following these protocols yield the best results.   ICE Applying ice to an area will […]

Think you know how to run? Think again!

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Running is a quick, easy and free way to get your heart pumping and your limbs moving. As you’ve been running since you were about two years old you’ve surely got the hang of it by now, right? Wrong! Hopefully you don’t fall over as much as a two year old but there’s always room […]

Four stretching mistakes that could be hurting your workout…

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  It’s all about picking the right stretch We all know that stretching is an important part of any athlete’s workout. Whether you’re a recreational runner, a marathon pro or a heavyweight champion – stretching is the bread surrounding your exercise sandwich.  However, doing the wrong stretches – or the ‘right’ stretches at the wrong […]

Does a back pack equal back pain?

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IS YOUR CHILD’S BACK PACK CAUSING THEM BACK PAIN? We all know that backpacks are a brilliant way of lugging around all of those textbooks and exercise books at school. They’re also far better for your child than an over-the-shoulder bag. However, 1 in 4 UK secondary school students are suffering from backpack related issues, […]

Chatteris Osteopaths Presents…Sports Therapy!

By chatteris-osteopaths on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 in Sports Therapy.

  We are thrilled to welcome Calum to the team here at Chatteris Osteopaths and to be able to provide another service by way of sports therapy!   Introducing Calum… Calum qualified as a sports therapist in 2015 from Coventry University and is a member of The Society of Sports Therapists. Since qualifying, he has […]

Why put up with a pain in the backside?

By chatteris-osteopaths on Monday, October 2nd, 2017 in Pain and Injury.

  Lately I have been helping a patient with coccyx pain with great success and it occurred to me just how many people live with this painful condition day in and day out. This doesn’t need to be the case. ‘So what is it?’ The coccyx (or tailbone) is located in the lower buttock and […]

Your job should only be so painful…….

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Time to sit up and be counted I have recently been involved with some ergonomic workstation assessments at a client site and was struck by how badly some people’s workstations are set up for them to work at.  I wasn’t necessarily surprised, having spent over 10 years chained to a computer when I worked as […]